Welcome to MW-Precision Turning Technology

“To customize parts withdrawn from mass production in order to offer the company the opportunity to supply customer-oriented goods.”

With this idea, Mike Weinbrenner founded the company MW-Industrieservice Präzisionsdrehen in 1997 in his garage in Weitefeld. Due to a rapidly growing order volume, the Weinbrenner company moved to its own production hall in Elkenroth in 2003.
The company then specialized in precision turning.

“We produce very small, small and large series of precision parts and we support companies in manufacturing, production processes and assembly.”

Thanks to the optimal use of 7 to 10 axis-controlled CNC lathes and a short lathe with bar loading magazines and high-quality tools, we are able to manufacture parts from stainless steel, free-cutting steel, brass, copper, aluminium, plastic and special materials. The turned parts range in diameter from 2 to 42 mm.

Within this range, we also supply parts made from hexagonal and square material. The turned part length can be up to 900 mm. The workpieces can also be cross-machined with the desired thread types, cross bores, grooves and milled surfaces.
On request, your turned parts can be laser marked or milled on our CNC engraving machine.
The precision parts are separated from the oil coolant by the cleaning system so that the workpieces are delivered oil-free. Through the use of tooling devices and precisely thought-out production processes, our team is able to deliver quality and on-time work.
The quality is also checked on our optical measuring devices. A 100% inspection is possible at the customer’s request.
Individual processing of the manufactured parts, such as grinding, galvanizing, nickel-plating, chromating and hardening, is carried out by our experienced suppliers and can be supplied with a test report on request.
It is also possible to join and assemble elements and complete them to form an assembly.

Our fundamental aim is to open ourselves up to new manufacturing processes so that we can always offer precision work.